Mouthwatering Thanksgiving recipes for Your lovely dog

Please him with these nutritious, natural recipes

Every year we wait for festivals especially Thanksgiving, now festive season is coming and mouth watering recipes are waiting for you and even for your pet too. Everyone is smiling and rushing to market to shop for pets and if you are also one of them and want some special recipes for your dog here I have collected some of them in my article, which I think you would like to try this Thanksgiving and will please your pet with your efforts:

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Thanksgiving and your pet: know him and then treat him accordingly


How important is thanksgiving for you and your pet?

A Thanksgiving is really a nice moment, when you really wish to be with your friends and relatives. If you have a cute new pet dog then you might feel so much, curious to get him introduced to your kith and kin. It is not a bad feeling but it depends upon the mood of your pet that he really is in mood of gaiety and play or not. Like a child your pet can also reflect different moods at different times. As veterinary doctor Lila Miller gives stress on knowing the mood and temperament of the pets, as pets might not like such noise and party.


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Natural diet, make your pet healthy, wealthy and wise:


Are you a pet lover?

If yes, then it would be a great shock for you to know about some stunning and depressing facts.

Leave synthetic diet:

As I have collected some data till September 24, 2013, more than three thousand six hundred dogs were reported sick and the reason was jerky pet treat brought from China and 580 of these were died. The dog food available in market may or may not be good for your pet. You must know that we human also used to live on natural diets, till artificiality had not stepped in our life. When your pets are important to you then you must take care they also live on same concept. As artificiality is spoiling our life so is of dogs too. They should be kept on more natural diet, so that they can live a healthy life.

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How to pick Halloween costume for your dogs?

Dog in Halloween Costume

Dog in Halloween Costume

Choose wisely act smartly:

Every Halloween, you plan some new and exciting for yourself as well as your pet. If you are a dog lover then it would be certainly true that you must be looking for  such costume, which will make the appearance of your cute dog attractive and eye catchy. At every nook and corner you can see discount corners and designer brands, selling dog clothing. So it would not be tough to find out the best for your pet.  Even online stores are also available at a click. You can buy costlier as well as cheaper dog costumes, according to the suitability of your pocket.

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