Mouthwatering Thanksgiving recipes for Your lovely dog

Please him with these nutritious, natural recipes

Every year we wait for festivals especially Thanksgiving, now festive season is coming and mouth watering recipes are waiting for you and even for your pet too. Everyone is smiling and rushing to market to shop for pets and if you are also one of them and want some special recipes for your dog here I have collected some of them in my article, which I think you would like to try this Thanksgiving and will please your pet with your efforts:

1. Doggie Gobblers:

The first one here, I would like to tell you is Doggie Gobblers. This is really meaty and delicious for your Doggie and he would feel special as he would get rid of left over and unhealthy table scraps and will really thank you from heart. It will take only fifty five minutes to cook and cater it to your pet.

Oats are good source of calcium, potassium and iron, magnesium, iron, vitamin B6 etc, potato has carbohydrate, and Turkey has low fat and high in protein, eggs are good source of energy, fat and protein, carrots are good source of vitamin A and iron, which are ingredients of this recipe.

2. Peanut butter and pumpkin dog treats:

The ingredients its self tell the nutrients story of the recipe flour, pumpkin, peanut butter, salt, cinnamon, all are wonderful and so natural in their taste can make a great dish nutrient, all the things are whisked and baked in oven and are cut in easy to cater pieces of half inches.

3. Homemade dog biscuits are also best source of energy and their crunchy too; you can check the recipe on internet or can ask it from your grandma, which will make your pet feel special.

Some of the human food which consist nutrients:

4. Any dish made of apple can be good for your pet; even you can mash the apple and serve him/her. Slices of apples can be nice food on Thanks giving as fruits are always available to you and you just have to slice them. Please remove seeds before serving as they can create choking hazards.

5. Cooked meat can be good source of energy for you your dog. Fat and skin are avoidable.

6. Cooked rice will be delicious and will give a nice feeling while eating, as you can see that in your pet’s eye. If his stomach is upset then it is really boon.

7. Carrot sticks are good source of energy.

8. Mashed or boiled potatoes are also rich in carbohydrates; if you are unable to make any special dish then they can also be better energy provider.

9. Green beans are always good as green beans and cucumber slices are naturally healthy, good for both you and pet.

10. Pasta can be a good treat to every human but do you know it is good for your dog too? Yes it is and he would love it but don’t make it spicy as you make for yourself.


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