Thanksgiving and your pet: know him and then treat him accordingly


How important is thanksgiving for you and your pet?

A Thanksgiving is really a nice moment, when you really wish to be with your friends and relatives. If you have a cute new pet dog then you might feel so much, curious to get him introduced to your kith and kin. It is not a bad feeling but it depends upon the mood of your pet that he really is in mood of gaiety and play or not. Like a child your pet can also reflect different moods at different times. As veterinary doctor Lila Miller gives stress on knowing the mood and temperament of the pets, as pets might not like such noise and party.


Know your dog food habit and temperament:

There are so many other things which should be known about the dogs, but here in festive season, we would talk about the Thanksgiving occasion. If you have dog since last so many years then it might not be new for you but if you have a new puppy or dog then you need to comprehend its nature and what kind of food should be offered to him. Generally Turkey is an essential part of our Thanksgiving but your dog might not like Turkey in his food or even the left over’s too.

Actually you take your Dog as your family member, so you sometime, feel like giving him share in Thanksgiving dinner too. There are endless numbers of recipes, which make our thanksgiving special and we love to share it with our dogs and we write our Top 10 Thanksgiving Receipts in our upcoming blog, but do you know you should not do it?

Yes, most of the Thanksgiving recipes are not good for dogs, as there may be so many leftovers, which we think to offer to our dog, but they should not be shared without knowing their impacts.

According to Dr. Smith, Turkey bones left over should not be shared with your dog as they are hollow from inside and might create problems lately like diarrhea, vomiting and depression. It may be possible that you pet does not show these kind of symptoms immediately but later on your dog can also lose its hunger. Salmonella is infectious, which is found in left over does of Turkey and can create poising and can make your poor pet sick.

So what you should prepare for your Dogs Thanksgiving?

You can serve him a special natural diet rather than giving him heavy meal of the feast. Like if he/she is given green beans then they will never prove infectious to him/her. Mashed potatoes can be really nice to swallow and would be great Thanksgiving for your dog.

Homemade food is also a great blessing for not only dogs but also humans too but as we cannot keep ourselves from these mouth watering dishes, we can keep our dog away for his good. Even though it can be a little tiring thing to prepare natural food for your dog but it would be always better if you love him.

What is to be avoided?

  1. You should not give your dog unhygienic and dirty food
  2. Artificial flavoring and preservatives are really risky.
  3. Garlic and onions are really not good for the blood cells of dogs, they can create problems.
  4. Carbohydrates should not be much as much mashed potato should be avoided
  5. Chocolates and coffee are prohibited.
  6. Grapes and raisins are not advisable

Essential things to provide:

  1. The quality and fresh meat should be most essential,
  2. Natural fats and oils must be given
  3. You must see that calcium and phosphorus are essential proteins and fat is also needed in a small quantity.

Overall a strict diet chart needed to be followed, avoid giving left over’s every time. It is not advisable, they should be given in rare circumstances.

Source Credits:

Photo:  Kat Curle, host of Cooking With Kat

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