Surprise your dog with surprise gift on this Christmas

Surprise your dog with surprise gift on this ChristmasChristmas is coming with loads of surprises. Do you remember as a child you waited for Santa and his gifts? I know while we grow, we forget all the childish things but sometimes surprises and gifts enchant us and we love to live in imagination always. Just imagine if you love to get gifts, and then why not surprise your pet with a new gift?  I am sure he is going to love it. So here are few suggestions about top ten gifts for your dog.

So here I am going to open the gift ideas one by one:

  1. Buying a Christmas cap can be a great gift for your puppy, as in red and white; he/she would look great.
  2. Pet nail trimmer: on this Christmas a nail trimmer can make your pets life easy and even can make your fuss away too.
  3. Christmas pajamas make your pet look special as pajamas are available in wide ranges. They are in divergent prints and according to the size of your dog and have their own charm and beauty. Mind it they are also too much comfortable.
  4. Puppy tweets is a really a gift, which tells that you are worried about your dog’s safety. You also can come to know about his different moments. If he barks or squeaks, you will get a tweet on your twitter account for his each moment like if he is missing your or wants you back home, you can be there if you want.
  5. Cozy dog bed: Here your dog can take rest and can feel cozy; it is full of warmth and love for him/her.
  6. Pet food feeder: you can get rid of the fuss of feeding your pet and even he/she can get rid of craving and barking for it, you can gift automatic food feeder to him on this Christmas.
  7. Automatic Drink well fountain: it is really a great combination with automatic feeder, as your pet will get cool drinking water, whenever he wants.
  8. One of the best of available dog toys can be colossal grunter as they have a squeaker in the limb of the toys and make the dogs happy. These can be washed with hands and are easy and soft to play. They are wonderful in look and your dog will get a companion to play with.
  9.  If you are really thinking to give your dog a gift and you don’t have a Dog Kennel then it can be a great idea to make a Kennel or even you can purchase a readymade one from if you are interested in online shopping. There is wide variety of dog kennels, which will give him/her special feeling. If you have ample space and have more pets then you can purchase an outdoor kennel otherwise a small indoor kennel can work best at smaller places.
  10.  Dog collar can be a great gift if you wish to purchase it, there are hi-tech dog collars available, which even tell the location of your dog and there is no chance that he/she can be lost anywhere.


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